How to Do Computer Repair

Now a days its easier to repair a system because most of the computers have less than a dozen parts. In my opinion, repairing a system is much easier than diagnose the problem. You hardly encounter hardware problems as they are less common than software issues. The secret to computer repair is going about it in a systematic manner and eliminating the possibilities of the recurrence of the problems. This article lists some of the basic tips, which you can consider while troubleshooting a hardware device.

At first, you must confirm whether power supply is working properly. Try to listen the sound of fans, look at the little lights at the front of the computer case. The best economical option for you is to repair a power supply. Its possible for hardware vendors or service centers to simply replace the entire power supply. Most of the issues with SMPS are easy to trace and inexpensive to fix.

If you encounter any video error or there is no image at all on the screen, first you should check the Video cable. The main reason of video error is the motherboard failure. Check whether you have a compatible driver. Repair that part to rectify the problem.

People who are still learning the basics of computer repair tech support – like what devices are involved in what operation – will often assume that all boot errors are due to a hard disk failure. Hard drive errors are normally pretty easy to troubleshoot. In order to troubleshoot hard disk error, confirm whether your PC is able to detect hard drive. This can be done with the help of BIOS.

The hard disk may display errors including “retry, abort, ignore” or “cannot read sectors”. This can be due to bad or unreadable sectors on the drive. You can easily repair these problems by reformatting and reinstalling the operating system. This will cause you to loose all data on your drive, so it is important to always have a good backup of your files daily.

You can also repair bad sectors and errors from your hard drive by running Windows built-in utility like check disk, disk defragment and scan disk. Its recommended that you should run these utility in order to make your hard disk clean and healthy.