More and More Computer Users Being Ripped Off

More often average people are falling victim to dishonest computers techs armed with big technical words aimed at draining the wallets of unsuspecting computer users. This has probably happened to you and you still have no idea but then again why would you? In most cases it is someone that came recommended or a friend who works in the IT field and knows you will never have any idea how bad they are actually ripping you off.

Lets start at the beginning; you bought a computer last year that was lightning fast and it almost seemed impossible to see Windows slow down or your internet speed slow down but then something happened and out of the blue you notice Windows slow down and your internet speed slow down and you have no idea why. Knowing that you would like to see your PC performance improve you deal with it for a while and it gets worse, you start to get Windows registry editor error messages virtual memory errors, blue screens and you have finally had enough with the Windows slow boot.

These are all very common problems by the way that are bound to happen just by computer usage and browsing the internet. Since these problems are so common they have very easy fixes and this is where people are being taken advantage of. If I get a computer from a client complaining that it is running slow the first thing I ask is “do you browse the internet?” if they say yes then I know right away that 95% of their problem spyware.

Spyware is real nasty stuff for those of you who don’t know what spyware is I will sum it up for you. Spyware is small little programs that get installed on your computer by browsing the internet. These programs keep track of all you information like what sites you visit and what demographic you fall into then it reports back to the companies that install it who in turn sell that information to marketers. It is a complete invasion of privacy and if that isn’t bad enough the spyware itself clogs up your computer causing Windows slow down, Windows slow boot and most of all makes your internet speed slow. The best thing you can do for yourself is get a spyware removal tool and run it every few weeks. They are very inexpensive, user friendly and will keep your computer running fast all the time!

The tech guys know that by running a few built in Windows tools on your computer and running a spyware tool will fix all of your issues and probably take them an hour max. The Windows built in tools are on everyone’s computer already and obviously free and they pick up a spyware program for around $25.00 then use it over and over again on clients computers. They end up charging the clients anywhere from $75 – $200 to run a tool that costs $25.00 and the worst part is within 3 months the spyware is back and they need to run it again and the vicious loop continues!