What Are the Average Wages of a Computer Repair

This is a rough question to answer. A repair tech has more possible ways to market his or her skills than, say, an accomplished line cook or a pharmacy employee. They are capable of working hourly at a company job (dollars per hour vary by size of employer), they can labor at home through the classifieds, advertising a priced-out flat rate, or they can find some employment with any companies that are advertising themselves by using the yellow pages, and this type of employment gains an hourly rate. There is no straightforward answer to what, out of these ways of finding work, pays the best. On the average, however, the amount of computers in the USA that are in need of regular maintenance, and the amount of know-how a computer repair tech must have to get any kind of low-level repair work, work together to make employment as a repair technician a pretty respectable, consistent occupation.

Laboring for an hourly dollar amount as a part of an already existing business, the lowest-paid computer repair techs get something close to $10 an hour, and the highest-paid computer repair technicians with the same level of responsibilities seem to earn something close to $15. This dollar wage varies depending on status of the employee’s certificates in the repair technician field and related experience in tech work application. To illustrate this, our research showed that Best Buy technicians, when they work in the store, earn about $11 an hour, no matter if they possess a low-level certification or not. There are an infinite number of hours in this line of computer tech salary work, though, so the money is reliable.

There are an increasing number of techs who offer flat rate fixes in the classifieds or visual posters on busy streets. This type of pre-established service is getting to be more of a fad, probably because of something called market ambivalence. This phrase means that the customers who find themselves with a seriously broken computer – say, a computer completely gummed up with all kinds of viruses that it will not even load the operating system correctly anymore – this sort of customer has no idea the amount of time it will take a computer tech to repair this sort of a thing, and an even weaker notion of the amount of time it would take to get it worked on. A certain breed of entrepreneurial repair techs, who have worked enough to understand the whole range of colorful and virulent viruses common to PCs, along with the amount of time it will usually take to fix them, see this as an opportunity to try a new way of selling their services. If a tech is certain that they will seldom see a computer so virus-laden that it means they’ll have to be taking a loss by working an uneconomically high number of labor hours, they are able to safely advertise a flat-rate computer repair.

A study of Craigslist ads coming from Portland, Oregon, and New York, NY, has yielded results showing that, when changing the numbers for difference in price of living (deflating the cost from NY a bit, as it costs significantly more to exist in NY than OR), your normal flat-rate computer repair costs in the neighborhood of 50 bucks. Technicians are, at this point, starting to offer mobile tech services able to guarantee virus removal and thorough efficiency maintenance costing around $50. There were a handful on the low side of the price range – some displaying $20 virus purges and $30 data recovery – and, interestingly, this was a price found in Portland and in NYC – however it remains that the middle range flat-rate repair cost is higher than that.